Investigating Factors Affecting Learning Styles Preferences of Hospitality Management Program (HMP) Students”

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جامعة الإسکندرية - کلية السياحة و الفنادق


This study aims to explore learning styles (LS) preferences and identifying different factors affecting learning among tudents enrolled in Hospitality Management Program (HMP) in the Egyptian context. The study investigates four learning styles namely; activist, reflector, theorist, and pragmatist, in addition to another four affecting factors namely; physical, 
environmental, personal, and teacher and learning. Data were collected from 354 undergraduate students studying at three governmental universities. Findings revealed that the reflector LS was the most preferred among HMP students, whereas the activist LS was the lowest preferred one. Furthermore, the study reported agreement of students on the effect of the four factors on their learning. The results may help in developing HMP through designing the curriculums that well match with students preferred learning styles. Results could enable the educators to focus on reflector LS, and this 
can generate student satisfaction and their quality learning outcomes, which will positively affect their performance at work later. The results may also help to better understand the needs of hospitality management education and, therefore, correctly direct its future. 

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