Impact of Airline Mobile Applications on Passenger Satisfaction in Egyptair

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The progress of Information Technology (IT) has altered the business sector in various industries in general and in the airline sector in particular. Modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) provides strong instruments for institutions and can seriously impact their operation, structure, and method. The advent of mobile technologies has provided modern innovation for airlines by increasing the availability, frequency, and speed of interaction between the airlines and its passengers. 
This paper aims to investigate the status quo and potential of mobile services in the airline sector. Mobile airline services, such as booking, check-in, boarding pass, gate caller, flight and lost baggage information, have been increasingly utilized recently, and this paper aims to analyze the effects of mobile marketing tool at passenger satisfaction of Egyptair. To achieve that, this research employed a method of descriptive analytical methodology by using a questionnaire tool. The sample was passengers in Egyptair. 400 questionnaires were administered; only (384) returned questionnaires were valid for the statistical manipulation of data with a response rate of 96 % from the total distributed questionnaires in Cairo international airport and Egyptair domestic sales offices. The results of the tools were analyzed using

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