Motivation to Travel as A Result Of Work Stress and Life Routine: The Case of Egyptian Vacationers

نوع المستند : المقالة الأصلية


جامعة الاسکندرية - کلية السياحة و الفنادق


Nowadays, most Egyptian vacationers are encouraged more and more to go on holiday. It has become a “normal” decision

in their lives. This study examined the role of stress and routines as a motivator encouraging people to take decisions to

travel for a holiday. It attempted to find what that means for the way they decide on their vacation. If stress exists, what

factors influence holiday decision-making, and destination selection. This study investigates the potential of travel

xperiences as a stress and routine reliever. The study was based on an exploratory qualitative approach for data collection

including 46 random sample of Egyptian managers, workers and households. The results revealed the benefits of tourism

trips influencing vacationers‟ life satisfaction. Stress relief seemed to be one of the main implicit factors that tourists

onsider when making a decision to travel in general or to choose a particular destination. Furthermore, tourism marketers

may use these results in their provision and communication of services to Egyptian tourist market. 

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